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Looking for a new restroom or shower trailer?

Features of Our New Trailers:

  • Mobile restrooms provide all the luxuries of home with features that include flushing toilets, urinals, sinks, hands-free fixtures, mirrors, linoleum floors, A/C, heat and ventilation as standard features.
  • Shower Trailers are all equipped with powered ventilation, rubber non-slip flooring, composite sub flooring (no wood) and your choice of LP or electric on demand hot water delivery system.
  • ADA Restrooms meet all Federal accessibility guidelines across all states.
  • OSHA Ready Decontamination Showers are the ideal solution for keeping your workers who deal with hazardous materials safe and clean, even in the most remote locations.
  • All trailers start with a solid steel frame from the floor to the roof creating a heavy duty rigid skeleton to build from.
  • Waste tanks are built using a patented process of roll-molding to eliminate seams, and therefore leaks or breaks. Made from a high-grade plastic which will last a lifetime. Eliminating all concerns of corrosion that a typical steel tank would have when exposed to urine and chemicals.
  • All products are built with a commitment to quality that will ensure our products and our reputation will last.

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2 Station ADA Restroom Trailer – NEW 2019

  • 14ft. Long
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