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New & Used ADA Restroom Trailers

National Restroom Trailers offers a full line of ADA -Accessible Restroom and Shower trailers that are compliant in all 50 states. Each Trailer or Drop Box offers wheelchair-accessible facilities with room for a full 360-degree rotation of the wheelchair. All units are manufactured to the specific specifications required by the US Department of Justice ADA codes. ADA -Accessible restroom and shower trailers can also include additional non ADA rooms making a combined Trailer solution for both handicap use and the general public.

The NRT line of ADA Accessible Restroom and Shower trailers vary in size and can accommodate any number of users.

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ADA Restroom Trailers

ADA Restroom Trailer Features

  • ADA Compliant 360 Degree Turning Radius Interior
  • ADA Compliant Sink( wrapped plumbing lines)
  • ADA Compliant Toilet ( with macerator pump)
  • ADA Compliant Handrails
  • ADA Complaint Shower Stalls
  • ADA Compliant Hands Free Paper Towel Dispenser
  • ADA Complaint Hands free water faucet
  • ADA Complaint Mirror
  • ADA Compliant 36” Entry Door
  • ADA Complaint Door handles
  • ADA Compliant Ramp( several options)

Benefits of ADA Restroom Trailers

  • ADA restroom trailers come with amazing features such as flat ground level entry, it also comes with toilet assists bar to help the patron when sitting down and standing up.  They have a large interior for utmost wheelchair maneuverability and space.
  • This type of restroom offers adequate space for a comprehensive 360 rotation of wheelchair.
  • Single ADA, Double ADA and ADA Drop Box
  • We offer luxury designs and heavy duty designs to address different occasions.
  • It can accommodate many patrons and every unit offers with privacy, safety and plenty of space

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ADA Restroom Trailer For Any Event

The ADA restroom is perfect for public use wherein wheelchair accessibility is required; however this is also ideal for private event use wherein roomy, large interiors are wanted for event wardrobe changes like outdoor weddings.

They are constructed to the most current Department of Justice codes.  For high quality ADA restroom please call (877) 727-3621 or click to request a quote.