Wedding Restroom Trailers For 200-Person Wedding

By NRT Sales  |  December 8, 2023

Planning a wedding is a significant endeavor, and one often overlooked aspect is ensuring the comfort and convenience of your guests when it comes to restroom facilities. Determining the right number of restroom trailers for a 200-person wedding is crucial for a smooth and enjoyable event.

Wedding Restroom Trailers For 200-Person Wedding

In this blog post, we’ll delve into the factors to consider when determining the appropriate quantity of restroom trailers for your wedding day.

Factors to Consider:

When calculating the number of restroom trailers needed for your 200-person wedding, consider the following factors:

  • Guest Count: Begin by establishing a baseline, aiming for one restroom trailer per 50 guests. For a 200-person wedding, you’ll initially need around four restroom trailers.
  • Event Duration: The duration of your wedding plays a vital role. Longer events may necessitate additional restroom trailers to accommodate guests comfortably.
  • Venue Type: The type of venue you choose can impact your restroom trailer requirements. Outdoor weddings in remote locations may need more trailers than those held at venues with existing facilities.
  • Gender Ratio: Take into account the gender distribution of your guest list. Women typically spend more time in restrooms than men, so if your guest list skews female, consider increasing the number of trailers.
Wedding Restroom Trailers For 200-Person Wedding
  • Catering and Beverages: If your wedding includes a full-course meal and alcoholic beverages, guests may need to use the restroom more frequently. Plan for additional trailers to prevent congestion.
  • Accessibility: Ensure that your restroom trailer setup caters to the needs of all your guests, including those with mobility challenges. Consider ADA-compliant restroom trailers when necessary.
  • Rental Options: Portable restroom trailer companies offer various options, from standard restroom trailers to upscale units with amenities like running LED lighted mirrors, climate control winter packages and more. Choose wedding restroom trailer that aligns with your style and to match your venue as well.

In Conclusion:

Determining the number of restroom trailers required for a 200-person wedding involves considering multiple factors, including guest count, event duration, venue type, gender ratio, catering, accessibility, and rental preferences. It’s essential to carefully evaluate these factors to ensure your guests have a comfortable and enjoyable experience on your special day.


It’s wise to have a few extra restroom trailers available to prevent long wait times and ensure that your guests’ needs are met. By planning ahead and taking these factors into account, you can guarantee that your wedding day is a memorable and pleasant experience for all your attendees.